The following reviews/comments are about In Line Dog Training, if you have attended our classes or received one to one training and have any comments/reviews you would like posting please address to:

Review from the Fletcher family with Calli who attended our January 2023 Basic Training course:

“We joined classes with our 6 month old pup.  As first time dog owners we had no idea of doggy etiquettes, lead walking, recall or training. In-line helped our family learn all of these skills and more. We learnt how to behave on walks and skills that could help if difficult situations arose. We learnt to be best friends with our pup, the way to play, the different treats to try, the ways to interact. We were able to learn this as a whole family, feeling more confident after each session. All of the trainers had great interpersonal skills and were able to interact well with  us and our pup. This has been a really empowering part of our journey – Thank-you so much.”

Review from Phoebe with Indie who attended our September 2021 Group 2 Basic Training course:

Better than we had anticipated. You all really listened and changed for each dog and their needs.

Review from Mary with Gus who attended our September 2021 Group 2 Basic Training course:

Lots of techniques and ideas, really nice people. Its helped with the confidence I was looking for and understanding my dog better.

Review from Simon and Abigail with Stanley who attended our September 2021 Group 2 Basic Training course:

Stanley has come on so much, still some work needed but so much better. He is a lot calmer.

Review from Carly with Teddy who attended our September 2021 Group 1 Basic Training course:

I liked that each activity was done individually with a trainer and helper.

We’ve seen a lot of improvement, recall has improved massively and his attention is a lot better.

Review from Lucy with Dru who attended our September 2021 Group 1 Basic Training course:

Its Ace! Love the photographs, the banter, the trusted methods, encouragement and fun.

Review from Andrea with Bear who attended our September 2021 Group 1 Basic Training course:

Amazing.  Thank you we loved it!

Review from Angela with Ben who attended our July 2021 Basic Training course:

I would just like to say a big thank you to you and the team for a fantastic training course.
I thought Ben would be too young to start it and take it all in but how wrong I was.  He has transformed from a nervous 11 week old sprollie to a confident young puppy 4 weeks later.
The course was perfect for him and all the older puppies did brilliantly too. You could see how the training techniques help them improve week on week.
I will definitely be looking for more….

Review from Rob and Claire with Ruby who attended our May 2021 Basic Training course:

Everything was made fun.  The trainers are helpful and friendly.

Review from Jo and Chris with Rufus who attended our May 2021 Basic Training course:

Better than expected!

Review from Anne-Marie with Freddie who attended our May 2021 Basic Training course:

Great fun and really informative.  Every dog on the course improved massively, thanks to all.

Review from Ed with Max who attended our April 2021 Basic Training course:

Great atmosphere – 5 out of 5

Review from Lindsey with Bobby who attended our April 2021 Basic Training course:

Greatest benefit from class was the tips on how to break down how to teach commands and make them more complex.

Review from Mary with Woody who attended our October 2020 Basic Training course:

Thank you very much, I’ve learned loads.

Review from Kelly and Kyle with Denly who attended our August 2020 Basic Training course:

Over the last 9 years, I have completed the basic course three times with each of my 3 boys! I would never go anywhere else! The course provides the perfect balance between fun training activities where you can bond with your dog and important information on your dog’s health and wellbeing. On the training side, you learn so much! It really is training you, not the dog! We all thoroughly enjoyed the course and hope to do more in the future!!

I can’t thank Marie, Bev, Amy, Dan and Wayne enough!! They have adapted so well to the Covid-19 pandemic, at no point did we feel unsafe or nervous. In our group there were only 3 dogs as to comply with the Covid-19 restrictions. This meant we had 1-to-1 training for the whole course. We feel we should have paid double for what we got!! Thank you so much.

Review from Gareth and Louise with Dilwyn who attended our July 2020 Basic Training course:

We attended the In Line basic course with our Welsh Terrier puppy.  Initially, the Covid-19 lockdown meant that it was impossible to meet. However, nothing was too much trouble. In Line provided us with online information, demonstration videos etc. Participants were encouraged to post videos of our dogs which the instructors responded to with helpful advice. When we were eventually able to meet face to face, the training was excellent. One to one work with instructors and helpers. Learning was made fun for both, we and our dog missed our Saturday morning sessions when it was over. We would strongly recommend In Line Training.

Review from Michelle with Otto who attended our November 2019 Basic Training course:

The most comprehensive, dog specific course we’ve ever attended.  Really good fun and Otto’s reaping the benefits (as are we!) Thank you so much.

Review from Micky with Ginny who attended our November 2019 Basic Training course:

Thank you for an excellent course, we have really enjoyed it and we leave with a lovely dog who can walk on the lead!

Thank you so much for your patience!

Review from Wendy with Mabel who attended our August 2019 Basic Training course:

Thank you – we all really enjoyed

Review from Charlotte, Mike, Emily and Izzy with Teddy who attended our May 2019 Basic Training course:

Really enjoyed the course, would thoroughly recommend.  Both Bev and Marie knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

Review from Joanne, Mark and Jack with Buddy who attended our May 2019 Basic Training course:

I would like to thank you all for a nice friendly dog training course and you all do a great job and work well as a team and make people feel welcome.

Thank you all very much

Review from Liz and Dominic with Milo who attended our May 2019 Basic Training course:

It’s very well organised with very knowledgeable trainers.

Review from Jane and Chris with Malty who attended our March 2019 Basic Training course:

Training is put together well, found all of it enjoyable.

Review from Sophie and Lucy with Ivy who attended our March 2019 Basic Training course:

Helped be confident and feel more in control.

Review from Jean with Oscar who attended our March 2019 Basic Training course:

Everything was good fun as well as being educational, I enjoyed it all.

Review from Mel and Simon with Olive who attended our March 2019 Basic Training course:

Enjoyed all of it, had fun with dog and continue to make progress with the skills learnt so far.

Review from Peter with Frida who attended our February 2019 Basic Training course:

It was perfect, all the support material and photos are a great bonus.

Review from Fiona and Ben with Whisper who attended our February 2019 Basic Training course:

Trainers very welcoming.

Review from Kerry and Terry with Archie who attended our January 2019 Basic Training course:

Archie is calmer and easier to control

Review from Katrina, Antony and Jacob with Jarvis who attended our November 2018 Basic Training course:

We all feel confident and Jarvis is a happier dog because he knows what to do.

Review from Isobel with Islay who attended our October 2018 Basic Training course:

Good team feeling, excellent trainers and advise.  Learnt how to spend positive time with my dog and build understanding with her.

Review from Heather and  Peter with Winnie who attended our October 2018 Basic Training course:

Learnt what my dog is capable of and how to achieve it in a fun way.

Review from Ian, Sarah and Tom with Betty who attended our September 2018 Basic Training course:

The course allowed mum and Betty to re-discover their love for each other.

Review from Rowena and  Simon with Apollo who attended our August 2018 Basic Training course:

Great participation also complete learning and understanding.

Review from Stuart with Jeeves who attended our June 2018 Basic Training course:

A different way of training which was fun and meet everyday needs in the home and outdoor environment.  Thank you for all the information.

Review from John with Maggie who attended our May 2018 Basic Training course:

Excellent course and very patient trainers!

Review from Peter and Joyce with Max who attended our May 2018 Basic Training course:

A wonderful course more than we could have hoped for.  Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding of Max.

Review from Julia with Milly who attended our April 2018 Basic Training course:

I have been very pleased with the training and will be happy to recommend you to anyone who needs your services.

Review from Anna and Alan with Byron who attended our March 2018 Basic Training course:

Enjoyed learning new ways to reward and bond with Byron.

Review from Kate with Charlie who attended our March 2018 Basic Training course:

The staff have been so friendly and kind.

Review from Bobbie with Leo who attended our January 2018 Basic Training course:

Fun and interactive ways of learning.

Review from Dan & Amy with Pepper who attended our January 2018 Basic Training course:

Great trainers and very, very informative training and great fun!!

Review from Helen received March 2020 with Mylo and Robbie who have attended several of our courses over the past 2 years

Over the last few years I have attended several dog courses with in line dog training, Nottingham based.
Each & every one of them have been first class.
Both Bev & Marie plus the support staff & of course Wayne are fantastic dog trainers. Their wealth of knowledge is immense & there is never a dog issue which they can’t help with.
The dogs welfare is paramount during the courses & they are always mindful of the environment plus the need for breaks, drinks, rest etc.
I attended the puppy class with my 12 week old Labrador which was critical to aid his training.
I also thoroughly enjoyed the “I’m a celebrity, let my dog get me out of here” course – extremely enjoyable & fun for the dogs.
I was a spectator for the John Rogerson “ultimate recall” course which was truly educational using problem solving solutions for individual dogs.
I thoroughly recommend In line dog training if you are a dog lover & want to build a life long bond with your dog & have fun whilst doing it!
Thank you very much.
Helen and Mylo & Robbie

Review received March 2020 from Peter and Joyce who brought Max to our training in May 2018 -we are so please we could help this family and very scared dog

We adopted our lovely rescue dog Max in April 2018 and enrolled him and us onto the May 2018 course with Inline Dog Training. Max is a very large dog he was extremely nervous and frightened by unfamiliar situations, which made him difficult for us to handle.
Max was even frightened by the wooden floor, we couldn’t even persuade him through the door. But Bev, Marie and Wayne are extremely patient, knowledgeable, caring and professional. They understood Max’s difficulties and adapted his training accordingly. They gave us and Max the confidence we needed to move forward with his training.
The training sessions were brilliant, just 6 dogs and their families meant we all got lots of individual attention. We had many laughs together, the atmosphere was warm and friendly.
We were given lots of course material which has been invaluable, we have referred to it many times during the last almost two years. We can’t thank them enough.

Review from Sophie & with Dexter who attended our January 2018 Basic Training course:

I booked my space for the course before my puppy was even home with me! From a family members previous experience I knew to expect a thorough course run by experienced individuals and I was not disappointed.
Every week I came away with more information and activities to practice with my puppy, and learnt so much about dogs, from their behaviour, to medical and health issues. Most importantly, I have learnt how to bond with my puppy and establish skills which I know will continue to benefit me for years to come.
Thank you for helping me get my puppy’s life off to a great start!

Comment from Dee & Paul with Teddy who attended our November 2017 Basic Training course:

We have been really impressed, you have all been great. Realised it’s really us that’s been trained! Not the dog & you did it brilliantly and with lots of patience. Thank again x

Comment from Rob & Felicity with Kia who attended our September 2017 Basic Training course:

A really useful, enjoyable and friendly course. We have finished feeling increased confidence and a better bond with our dog, with the skills to put into practice the things we have learnt. Have already recommended to friends and would definitely recommend to others.

Comment from Gayle with Popcorn who attended our September 2017 Basic Training course:

Really enjoyed the course, thank you.

Comment from Kitty with Olive who attended our March 2017 Basic Training course:
Fabulous, fun way to learn.

Comment from Hannah & Alex with Ronnie who attended our March 2017 Basic Training course:
I would recommend In Line Dog Training for all dog/puppy owners. It’s the greatest thing we could have done for our little pooch, and the training from Bev, Marie & Wayne has given us the confidence to be good responsible owners with a very happy dog. Thank you so much.

Comment from Stevie with Ailsa who attended our January 2017 Basic Training course:
I’m really glad I made the effort to travel to training with Bev & Marie. The most fun and creative puppy class I’ve ever attended. I learnt a lot, thank you.

Comment from Kate with Darwin who attended our July 2016 Basic Training course:

Brilliant fun, non-judgmental training. Felt the trainers took the time to understand us and our problems enabling us to benefit from targeted exercises and improve our relationship with our dog. Would recommend to everybody.

Ongoing Fun and Friendship following an In Line Dog Training Course                                                                                                                           
Finley and Einy met on Inline’s basic training course in October 2015. From the start we could tell that they both wanted to play with each other; which is not really appropriate in a training class. So we became FB friends and arranged meeting up for a walk – and they really hit it off! Despite their size difference.
On their walks together they were chasing each other (easy for Finley!), sniffing and finding trails together (Einy being very successful in the undergrowth). On their very first walk they even found a dead squirrel, which was proudly carried around! This is when Inline’s training and the ‘leave it’ came in handy! We continued meeting up and exchanging many dog tales. Walking and talking together meant an extra positive distraction for us and the dogs, which was excellent for proofing our recalls (which were pretty reliable already). At the end of our walks we always made sure we humans got some treats too – nice cuppa tea and cake! … while our dogs were snuggling, licking and kissing each other. Can’t think of a better way to start your day!
Thank you Inline!

Comment from Steve & Yvonne with Saphire who attended our October 2015 course:

Very good course, excellent value for money, if anything too cheap for all the work and effort you put in to the course for us. Many thanks.

Comment from Adam with Honey who attended our September 2015 course:

Thank you for a great course!!!

Comment from Tracey with Jack who attended our May 2015 course:

Very enjoyable, informative & calm course. Would recommend this course to everyone who wants to train/teach their dog better habits.

Comment from Nicole with Aura who attended our May 2015 course:

Thank you for all your help. All staff and workshops were brilliant and enjoyed by me and Aura. I would recommend this course to anyone.

Comment from Kirsty with domino who attended our May 2015 course:

Both Domino and I found the training invaluable. We can take our training forward to use at home as the techniques are very easy to understand. We would recommend In Line to any dog owners with new or older dogs. Great experience and wonderful helpful people.

Comment from Natasha with Dylan who attended our May 2015 course:

Amazing! Lovely people with proven techniques that meant we noticed a difference immediately.

Comment from Philippa with Willow who attended our March 2015 course:

The course was very informative, useful & helpful. Would highly recommend the course to any new dog owner.

Comment from Cindy with Ernie who attended our February 2015 course:

The Course was fun and interesting and the trainers were helpful & knowledgeable

Comment from Gary with Alfie who attended our November 2014 course:

Thank you so much for teaching us how to train Alfie. It’s helped so much and he’s a lot better now and a lot fitter.

Comment from Maureen and Kevin with Bertie who attended our The Dog Nose Best basic scentwork training course in September 2014:
Bertie our Bedlington Terrier was a little cautious at first but gradually settled into the training and enjoyed himself. Now at home this is the best game ever, he loves it and finds it really exciting . The nose is getting very clever! Thank you, Bev and Marie .

Comment from Nikki with Sadie who attended our August 2014 course:

Thank you, the training has been a very enjoyable experience. Both myself and Sadie enjoyed all the classes.

Comment from Kevin & Alison with Leo who attended our August 2014 course:

Really enjoyed the class, very friendly and patient

Comment from Kirsty with Sasha who attended our May 2014 course:

Thank you for the training. We enjoyed every moment. We have learnt a lot and will keep training. Deeply sad to leave

Comment from Liz & Maddy with Juno who attended our April 2014 course:

The course was excellent. Myself, Maddy & Juno really enjoyed learning all the tasks. It was inspiring to see all the dogs and handlers making lots of progress. I now feel confident I can use what I’ve learnt to continue training at home. Thanks for everything.

Comment from Jo with Bailey who attended our April 2014 course:

Bev, Marie & Wayne. Thank you so much. We have learnt lots – I’m sure one day Bailey will be a calm well behaved Lab! 🙂

Comment from Steve & Sarah with Mitzie who attended our January 2014 course:

First class training, very supportive and helpful both at the classes and over the phone. We found the booklet very comprehensive and use it often. Both Marie & Bev are very knowledgeable and also make the training fun and informative. We would recommend anyone with a dog, young or old to participate in In Line Dog Training if only to become more responsible pet owners and to make sure pets we own are happy and safe.

Comment from Susan & Stephen with Elsie who attended our January 2014 course:

Wish we had known about this training when we had our first dog

Comment from Chrissy with Ruby who attended our January 2014 course:

Thank you for all your help, it’s been amazing!

Comment from Angie & David with Rolo who attended our November 2013 course:

A fantastic course & well organised. It reinforces the message that a dog’s behaviour is controlled by it’s owner. Bev & Marie were vey knowledgeable and offered some very valuable advice. Thank you very much.

Comment from Robert Alleyne following the weekend seminar he did for us in September 2013:

I would like to thank all at In Line for hosting a most enjoyable weekend. I really love doing talks, but I especially enjoy them when doing them for a club that is this progressive. Great people working this hard to improve the standard of dog training and behaviour. You’re setting the standard for this industry in 2013.

Comment from Allyson with Arrow who attended our John Rogerson CSI course in September 2013:

It was an excellent course (and as a serial seminar attendee I am now somewhat of an expert on these things) I particularly like the way you spread out payments (for specialist courses) which means your courses can be more accessible to some. Accommodation list and equipment list is excellent and sent out in plenty of time for people to benefit from discounts, early booking offers etc.

The presence of liquid refreshments (in mugs rather than cups) is particularly appreciated. John, as always, is entertaining and makes you think outside the box.

Whilst I would love to come on more courses next year hopefully my new puppy will be keeping me occupied and thus I will be scaling down ‘away days’ however please keep me in the loop, just in case.

Once again, many congrats on running the course.

Comment from Debbie with Patch who attended our John Rogerson CSI course in September 2013:

A big thank you to Bev & Marie for putting on such a fantastic 4 day course, Patch and I really enjoyed it, the exercises were great fun.

I made some lovely friends and I don’t think I’ve laughed so much on any dog training event. Look forward to the next one.

Comment from Debbie who attended our John Rogerson CSI course as a spectator in September 2013:

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for a fantastic 4 days.

You all worked very hard. I really enjoyed it, met some lovely people and some fantastic dogs. First 2 days were a bit of a struggle (due to my cold) but so glad I made the effort.

Thanks again.

Comment from Teresa who attended our John Rogerson CSI course as a spectator in September 2013 :

Thank you for hosting us through such a great course over the past four days. You must both be exhausted today? The site was really lovely, much nicer than other courses I’ve been on, so congratulations on sourcing it. Everything ran like clockwork and

it was so nice to have a warm cup of tea and a biscuit every time we walked back in the classroom.

Even though the site is so far from London, I look forward to hearing about future courses you run and hope to be involved again. Hopefully as a participant next time instead of just observing.

Congratulations on a great course, all the best.

Comment from Tricia with who attended the morning session of our Rob Alleyne talk with Brogan as one of the demo dogs:

I didn’t get chance to thank you, I enjoyed today and got so much out of the morning, really wish I had booked for the whole weekend. Thank you both so much for the invite & certificate

Comment from Mark with Bramble who attended our September 2013 course:

The course has been an absolute pleasure to be on.

I have been a dog owner for 30 odd years and thought that I understood dogs. I was wrong. A bit. (men don’t like to admit this very often, but I was) so I would like

to thank you for the lessons. We’re still not quite there with Bramble, her past makes it very difficult to understand what triggers her fear and nervousness. But thanks to you both, we have made tremendous progress with her. Finally, people at work ask me about their dogs when they encounter problems and I have solved a few for them! (mostly by saying treat it like a dog!)…. but I would never hesitate in recommending you both in the future.

Once again… thank you.

Comment from Marcus & Julie with Pippa who attended our September 2013 course:

We have not been to a training class before but as a family we have learnt so much. We were made very welcome and the class was fun and more informative than we expected.

Would recommend, thank you.

Review from Helen with Poppy who attended our July 2013 course:

Since attending a training course at In Line Dog Training life with Poppy has become more of a pleasure than I thought possible. The bond between us grew so much stronger and we discovered how much we both enjoyed working together. Through this new found confidence we have ventured into the world of fun dog shows – so far winning a 2nd place in a “canine comedian” online photo competition and 1st place in “dog the judge would most like to take home” category at a local charity show. A surprise bonus to showing Poppy is it exercises her more effectively than the longest of walks and she contentedly settles in her bed upon return (this does not apply to the photo competition). We are about to embark upon a new adventure -agility training. For anyone considering training, don’t hesitate, book with Marie and Bev at In Line and discover how much more you can do with your dog. I recommend them wholeheartedly and wouldn’t hesitate to book onto any course they are running or associated with.

Comment from Anna with Arthur who attended our July 2013 course:

Really enjoyed the training. It was fun and enjoyable for myself and my dog

Comment from Clare with Junior who attended our May 2013 course:

Excellent course and great value for money. Would definitely recommend to others, 10/10, thanks

Comment from Joni & Alastair with Gusty who attended our May 2013 course:

We really enjoyed this course, my husband and I learnt some really valuable techniques for keeping our collie cross under control and well behaved – thank you

Comment from Helen with Blue who attended our May 2013 course:

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, lots of really useful information & common sense approach. Friendly and easy to understand. Very pleased with the results using what we have been taught, thanks

Comment from Jane & Ray with Tilly who attended our May 2013 course:

Many thanks for a very comprehensive course. We still have work to do but you have helped us to know what we should aim for. Thanks for your hard work & encouragement.

Review from Hollie with Simba who attended our April 2013 course:

I’d just like to say a massive thank you to you all. We didn’t expect to enjoy ourselves as much as we did, and will really miss our weekly sessions! The training has really helped us understand how to get the best out of Simba, and we really appreciated the one-to-one help and individual time that you gave us. You made the training so fun and enjoyable, and we have learnt so much that we can take with us and work on. I would definitely recommend you to anyone wishing to train their dog, and look forward to coming back in the future.

P.s Wayne took some fantastic photos, thank you!

Comment from Wendy with Hugo who attended our Feb (2) 2013 course:

Thank you for your help, I learned a lot. Thought 3:6 ratio was brilliant and appreciated your help on individual questions.

Comment from Angela with Dickens who attended our Feb (2) 2013 course:

Thoroughly enjoyable course for both dog and owner. Invaluable information & techniques passed on which will be the foundation of a happy relationship between myself and my puppy.

Comment from Carolyn with Tammie who attended our Feb (2) 2013 course:

Tammie & I had a great time training with In Line Dog Training. The care and attention to details provided by Bev, Marie and Wayne was fantastic. We learnt so much from them and I would recommend the training to anyone.

Review from Tracey with Nellie who attended our Feb (1) 2013 course:

After attending your February course I just need to send you a review:-

Nellie and I started the course in February not really sure what to expect. Meeting everyone else on the course was great, now we have finished I cannot believe the change in all of the dogs. Nellie has grown in confidence so much, she has amazed me each week how well she has picked everything up – she is my best pal. This is all down to Bev and Marie – I can’t thank you both enough. The training you give is brilliant, supportive, fun and most important of all – it works!!!!!

Both of us will miss our training sessions.

Hope to join you on one of your walks.

Kind regards Tracey and Nellie xx.

Many thanks to Dinah (with Geoffrey) who attended our January 2013 course and wrote this poem about In Line Dog Training:

‘Go to IN LINE said the fellow-shopper

Comparing our pup to her gleaming whopper.

‘You’ll enjoy it! It’s fun! And he’ll learn what to do.

How to sit, and to stand, and to not chew your shoe!’

I booked and we went in the January snow

(Amazed at how fast a puppy could grow)

He learnt lots of tricks on his first day at school.

You could tell that he thought ‘Hey! This is cool!’

There are friends to be made and treats to be had.

Here he will learn to be good and not bad!

Now he is bigger and trying his best.

IN LINE is FANTASTIC! Has pup passed his test?

Comment from Lucy with Ben who attended our January 2013 course:

Surprised, but impressed by how much information you required on the registration form – but now see why. Tailored course, excellent. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Thanks for involving the children in the training.

Comment from Hilary with Custard who attended our November 2012 course:

A very big ‘thank you’ to Marie, Bev & Wayne.

Comment from Lucy with Belle who attended our November 2012 course:

Very high quality course – great trainers – lots of fun. Thank you

Review from Allyson who attended the John Rogerson Ultimate Recall course we held in October 2012:

This was an extremely well organised and dynamic course held in a secure outdoor area so that real life scenarios could be replicated. All dogs, talls and smalls, (and owners) progressed without being overfaced and spectators were utilised as “wranglers” ensuring all participants were fully engaged in the learning. Few people could have anticipated that they would be hidden underneath a blanket on the ground or end up being handcuffed to a fence!

It was a delight to see the developing confidence of those present which was fully supported by the In Line Dog Training Team of Bev, Marie (and Wayne) as they provided copious amounts of refreshments, equipment not to mention encouragement to everyone. John, as usual, imparted his knowledge freely with great wit and tact.

An entertaining, educational and eventful few days, spent in an easy, enjoyable environment.

Looking forward to the CSI course in September!

Review from Jill who attended the John Rogerson Ultimate Recall course we held in October 2012 with her dog Angel:

Just wanted to say a “Giant” thank you to you all at In Line Dog Training for hosting the John Rogerson “Ultimate Recall” course. Super venue, and the friendly atmosphere made everyone feel relaxed from day one … not knowing how their dogs were going to perform ! Everyone attending went away with in depth knowledge and hands on experience from the best dog trainer there has ever been. I really enjoyed watching the behaviours of such a diverse mix of dogs on the course – will they all pass the “ultimate” test on the last day ? Yes, with owners learnt behaviour well and truly installed, happy smiling faces greeted every dog as they galloped back as quick as their legs could run ! Will be working hard to ensure all that I have learnt on the course becomes a new way of training – it all now makes sense … “control the games, control the dog”.

Jill and Angel

Comment we received in October 2012 from Russ who attended our September 2011 course with Ollie a border collie:

Ollie is absolutely fabulous – couldn’t have wished for a better dog – effing loopy mind ya but we can put up with that…lol……..

He comes back every, and I mean every time on his recall and is excellently all round behaved.

Thanks again for all of your input during the training it was really worth while – thanks…xxx

Just goes to show our training for “real life” situations does work, we have received the following feedback from someone who attended our August 2012 course:

Thank you 🙂

Comment from Jane who attended one of our basic training courses:

Just to let you know, the “Stop” training worked, Daisy was heading for a barbed wire fence at full speed, but came skidding to a halt when she saw my hand go up, and was guided through the fence safely using “watch me”.

Thank you

Numerous comments from our evaluations forms:

Is this the kind of training that you expected?

“It was a lot more fun”

“Better than expected”

“It was better”

“Better than I hoped for”

What did you find most enjoyable about the training?

“Not being put under pressure”

“Interaction with other dogs, fun training environment”

“The relaxed way it was explained to me”

“Informal & supportive atmosphere”

“The outside work”

“Informal nature”

“Being able to recall with distractions”

“Friendly, helpful, everyday training needs”

“The course was well organised, friendly & very helpful”

“It was fun & very professional”

“Relaxed atmosphere & good trainers”

“Practical exercises you can practise at home”

“The trainers, lovely genuine people with exceptional people & dog skills”

What is the greatest benefit you got from the class?

“Knowing how to gain dog’s attention”

“Being able to enjoy taking him for walks”

“Socialisation with other dogs”

“Closer relationship with our dog”

“The confidence with recall”

“Social interaction & reinforcement that we are training correctly”

“Food manners”

“Understanding dog behaviour”

“The importance of consistency in training & praise”

“Good lead work when walking, getting him to leave items in the house such as furniture”

“Understanding of the dog and how to accommodate his needs within our family life. They have to work in harmony”

“For Tammie and I to work together as a team and for her to be happy”

What did you find least enjoyable about the training?

“Going home”

“The rain”

Comment from Sallie with Brandy who attended our July (2) 2012 course:

A fantastic course in a very supportive, fun environment from very knowledgeable trainers. Thank you for a great experience.

Comment from Helen with Daisy who attended our July (2) 2012 course:

Thank you both (& Wayne), it has been a great course. I’ve learnt lots and so has Daisy.

Comment from Len & Viv with Lucy & Archie who attended our July (1) 2012 course:

Excellent course, both our puppies learnt & developed in leaps and bounds. One to one when needed. Good sound practical advice. Fun learning, both dogs and parents learnt a lot.

Comment from Linda with Dylan who attended our July (1) 2012 course:

Great introduction to dog training. All good fun too – no negative reactions. Trainers made it all fun & gave useful, practical advice individually. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others.

Comment from Chris with Dave who attended our July (1) 2012 course:

Many thanks for a most enjoyable course, I looked forward to it each week

Comment from Neil with Rio who attended our April 2012 course:

Excellent dog training made fun and interesting every week. Would definitely recommend.

Comment from Linda & Mark with Whisper who attended our April 2012 course:

This has been an excellent course. Have already recommended it to other people. Information on website is very interesting too & love the pictures on there.

Trainers work very hard & are enthusiastic throughout.

Comment from Jane with Honey who attended our April 2012 course:

Really fab course! Told everybody who has a dog!

Comment from Marc with Alfie who attended our April 2012 course:

Really appreciate your friendly training, it made it so much more enjoyable

Comment from Sally with Gable who attended the John Rogerson CSI course In Line Dog Training organised in April 2012:

Hi Bev, I’m getting withdrawal symptoms following your fabulous CSI weekend. That course really is the most fun you can have with your dog! I have attended many training courses and canine activity holidays over the last 6 years and can honestly say this was the best one ever. I have heard a lot of people say how good John Rogerson is, and am delighted to say he did not disappoint. Gable and I had a brilliant time, and I’ve come away with loads of fun ideas to do with my dog training group. The night session was awesome, I still get a buzz thinking about it.

Hopefully you are starting to recover from all your hard work. Marie, Wayne, and yourself were the perfect hosts, and did a really professional job, not forgetting the family catering effort either, the food was scrummy. Great venue too, full of interesting places and features for canine detection. Big enough for 3 groups to work separately, but not so big that you could get lost. I’ve never been in such a smart modern scout hut, usually they are made of wood and falling apart! Fingers crossed that you met all the requirements to be able to use it again. I really hope that the In Line Dog Training Team can find the time and energy to host Canine CSI – The Sequel in 2013. I will definitely come again, and would hope to bring a couple of friends too.

Comment from Joan with Betsy who attended the John Rogerson CSI course In Line Dog Training organised in April 2012:

I just want to say how much I enjoyed the John Rogerson course and how excellent the domestic arrangements were. From the moment we arrived we were looked after wonderfully. The food was excellent and we were offered a choice of hot drinks at frequent intervals with the fastest service I have ever experienced. Everything was done with a smile and a great sense of humour which put us at our ease.

The weather was really kind to us of course and I am extremely grateful for the chance Betsy had to take her Good Citizen Bronze test. It was a lovely 4 days and I would thoroughly recommend any course you and Marie run or organise.

Review from Samantha & Amy with Scarlett who attended our March 2012 course & also passed their Kennel Club Bronze Award in with us in April 2012:

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, Scarlett. When we first came to you, Scarlett was so scared of everything that she didn’t even want to go out in the garden, never mind on a walk. If she came into contact with any other dogs she would instantly hide if she could, or roll over onto her back if she couldn’t. The thought of her being in a room with lots of other dogs was unthinkable! But I was reassured on the phone that the dogs are never let of their leads and it was the best means of socialisation. I was doubtful, but you were right! Scarlett now feels like a completely different puppy. She loves going out for walks and is extremely sociable with all other dogs. She will now also sit at kerbs and come back when I call her. I took Scarlett out for a walk yesterday with a friend who hasn’t seen her for ages, and she said that she couldn’t believe the change in her! And your extras such as photographs of us throughout the training with our dog and the handouts about different things are so appreciated. Thank you so much. I would recommend you to anyone who has a dog!

Review from Paula & Mike with Diesel who attended our March 2012 course:

“We were very impressed with the individual approach of the course – all our concerns were answered even when they differed from everyone else’s issues. The sessions were also much more practical than any other course we have heard of. We were impressed with all the real life situations Marie and Bev managed to create, such as heelwork on grass, rather than indoors, and recall practice while nearby dogs were playing. Despite the Puppy Good Citizen approach of the course, we also learned plenty of other useful things, which could potentially save our dog’s life. We now feel that we have an excellent bond with our baby Akita, who, despite his young age and strong-willed character, is obedient and an absolute delight at all times. We will definitely be attending more courses with Marie and Bev in the future.”

Comment from Kristina & Daniel with Georgie who attended our February 2012 course:

We have been really impressed with the high standard and professionalism of the course (from start, when applying, to the end) Thank you for the great resources, great advice & training, we really appreciate all your support.

Thank you very much, we really enjoyed it very much.

PS. Thanks for the coffee, biscuits & photos

Comment from Ian with Coco who attended our November 2011 course:

Thank you for all your help & advice. This course has been fantastic from start to finish, covered everything a puppy owner or dog owner should know.

Comment from Tony and Anna with Abbi who attended our November 2011 course:

Excellent course, nice people – where did you get the handcuffs from?!

Comment from Beth and Mark who attended our November 2011 course:

A fun, well organised course, delivered with enthusiasm, genuine care for dogs and their well-being. Lots of attention & answering of questions, however daft!

Review from Sharon & Duncan who attended our group dog walk in May 2011 with Gus the GSD:

We have taken part in two of the dog walks Bev and Marie have arranged. The best thing ever to happen to us, we have Gus our rather large GSD. On any other walk people cross and turn away from him on these walks he becomes part of the group. He gets to socialize with a variety of breeds and has a great time. On our first walk a lady with a small dog openly admitted she would pick up her dog if she saw a GSD but seeing her dog play with Gus had changed her opinion. He is getting older and struggles a little but we vow to keep attending these walks while he can still manage. If he can get so much enjoyment and people’s minds can be opened to other breeds as well as a great charity benefiting it has to be a great thing. On top of all of this there is fun and enjoyment we humans get as Marie and Bev love to pull out little tasks and games. Keep up the great work you two and if you have not attended a walk or one of the courses you are missing a great chance to get more from your companion.

Review from Elaine & Dave who attended our group dog walk in May 2011 with Ruby the Jack Russell:

We really enjoyed the fun walk particularly Ruby whose normal walk is fairly peaceful with the occasional meet up with other dogs. The fun walk took off as soon as we let all the dogs off their lead. You could really see how the pack developed and each dog sought out each other before settling down. Being the littlest it took Ruby a little while to settle in but she really enjoyed the walk and was tired out when we got home. Thanks for all your hard work arranging and sorting out the games and look forward to putting more dates in the diary.

Comment from Carole with Brodie who attended our March 2011 course:

Excellent course would recommend to any dog owner whatever age your dog is.

Comment from Bev with Tag who attended our November 2010 course:

Had great fun, met some other dogs with similar problems.

Comment from Dawn with Mya who also attended our November 2010 course:

Thanks for all your help with Mya. It is very appreciated and we won’t hesitate to recommend you.

Review from Daniel & Max who attended our Fun Advanced Course in August 2010:

The fun course was the 2nd course I have completed with Marie and Bev. I must admit that I wasn’t expecting Max to learn too much, but was expecting, as the name of the course suggests, lots of fun. The course was indeed fun and in regards to Max not learning too much, I doubt my expectations could have been any further from the truth. The course consisted of us being spilt up into two groups and then competing against each other on a variety of difference tasks. Each task obviously had its own unique challenges but thanks to Marie and Bev’s excellent demonstrations we were all quickly familiarised with what we needed to do. As there was a competitive element to the course, there was much more incentive to go home and practice what we had been taught. We then had a refresher day where we could see if what we had been practicing had paid off and if not, and where necessary, further advice was given. Then it was time for the challenge on day 3. It was great fun and I really enjoyed it. I couldn’t believe how much Max, and the other dogs, had learnt in such a short period of time. To conclude, the course was excellent. The amount of time and effort that Marie and Bev had put into the preparation was unbelievable and made it impossible for it to be anything other than a complete success.

Comments from Kerstin who attended our Fun Advanced Course in August 2010:

A big thank you to Bev and Marie for letting me know about the Fun Advanced Course. Floyd and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute! I didn’t know there were so many more fun activities you could do with Dachshunds. I was very impressed by the hard work you put into organising this course. I will certainly forever treasure the many fantastic pictures taken of Floyd. To be more precise, I was blown away by them! Naturally, I would like to do more training with you, with Floyd and also with my other Dachshund Lila.

Comment from Trudie & Jordan who also attended our Fun Advanced Course in August 2010:

Any of you out there thinking of taking your dog training then In Line dog training is a must, they are fantastic and lovely people too xx

Comments from Heather who attended our Fun Advanced Course in August 2010:

A really interesting course, learning new skills in a fun, relaxing way.

Review from Robert who attended our June 2010 basic training class with Max the Weimaraner:

The course was extremely beneficial and Max’s behaviour has markedly improved.

Classes were friendly and relaxed and the exercises interesting and demanding thus keeping the dogs alert and happy.

The degree of difficulty increased each week and it was a real pleasure to see how the dogs performed to this higher level as the course progressed.

It was fun for the dogs and owners alike and despite my initial reluctance to attend it was really enjoyable.

Review from Theresa who attended our May 2010 basic training class with Sammy the Border Collie:

“Hi my name is Theresa and I have a Border Collie called Sammy. When I got him he was a ten week old puppy, he is now 6 months old.

After a few months he was a right pain and wouldn’t do as he was told, I was at the end of my tether, and was ready to give him away.

One Sunday my husband got a phone call from a friend to say that his wife and her friend were starting classes for dogs and would we like to go.

That phone call was the start of a special friendship between me and Sammy, he has come on very well.

If anyone out there has the same problems with their dog, just pick up the phone and talk to Bev or Marie and you can have the same special bond with your dog as me & Sammy do now.

Thank you so much Bev & Marie.”

Review from Heather with Archie who had one to one training in May 2010 to improve his recall:

First of all can I say a big thank you to Marie and Bev for all the time and hard work you have put into Archie, I hope it has helped you as well as us. You have given us some insight to how a dogs mind works and how to turn that into successful training. Although the initial stage was very time consuming we did feel that it focused Archie’s mind onto us and noticed a difference in his behaviour straight away, even though it hasn’t been a complete success as far as other dogs are concerned, he has improved a lot. The information sheets and instructions have all been first class and helped us at every stage, you have both come across as extremely professional and given us complete faith in what you were trying to do, I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and if you decide to do more advanced classes we would be first on your list.

Review from Duncan & Sharon who attended our May 2010 basic training class with Gus the German Shepherd Dog:

“We have owned Gus the GSD featured on the site for just over three years. In that time we have tried different training classes both local and national, and despite minor improvements with Gus he still had issues that we felt needed addressing. Having seen an advert for In Line Dog Training we decided to give it a go.

What a result not only have we found two people that have provided us with techniques that address the issues but Bev and Marie also take the time to explain how and why they work so we understand how to do them better. Not only that but they do it in a fun and friendly way, not just for Gus!.

We especially like the way that the training is done in “real life situations” Gus is a very playful dog and would chase other dogs to play while out with him Bev and Marie have shown us how to use the playfulness to gain obedience.

During one session the comment from a passing dog walker (whose dog was far less obedient) was heard “you should never play tug-of-war games with a dog”. My answer to them would be if they took their dog to Bev and Marie, they too would see that despite having more than seven dogs pass him he took no notice. Bev and Marie’s skills and techniques showed us how to make him more interested in staying with us and he did not attempt to chase any of the dogs he clearly saw.

We wish Bev and Marie every success and know that anyone that uses their services will benefit. They are two people who have a great passion and enjoy working with people to improve their lives with their dogs. We not only got training for Gus but got an insight to him we never had as he is an adopted stray.”

Duncan, Sharon and Gus (class of May 2010)