Don’t have time to commit to long drawn out courses which last week after week?

Our basic training course consists of an initial 4 hour workshop to assess the training needs and deal with any immediate training problems.

Our course consists of an initial 4 hour workshop to assess the training needs and deal with any immediate training problems.

The workshop is followed by four 2 hour training sessions over a 4 week period. This is a total of 12 hours training where you will learn everything that is needed to own a well-mannered dog and become a responsible owner, without the need for a long drawn out course.

Our Nottingham based obedience course is designed to train your dog for real life situations. We train indoors and also outside in the real world, and our training is made ‘fun not formal’.

Marie & Bev are both Kennel Club Accredited Trainers in Companion Dog Training. The Kennel Club Accredited Trainer (KCAI) Scheme is a UK-wide membership-based scheme for dog training instructors and canine behaviourists which offers its members the opportunity to gain a nationally-recognised vocational accreditation based on a robust standard set by the Kennel Club. It is the first and only scheme for dog training instructors and canine behaviourists that has achieved programme accreditation from City & Guilds, a globally-recognised benchmark of quality. Dog training instructors and canine behaviourists enhance their reputation by becoming members of the scheme and have the opportunity to gain recognition for their knowledge, skills and experience by achieving KCAI status. All KCAI Scheme members are required to abide by the Kennel Club Code of Practice for Instructors, which sets out the principles governing their professional conduct and training practices.

Our Courses

Each course is individually structured to the dogs and owners and based on their training needs. We never have more than 6 dogs in a class so that we can carry out one to one training as necessary whilst having enough dogs of mixed age and breed to carry out correct socialisation.

Children not allowed to attend your normal training club?
We encourage you to bring the whole family or anybody who handles your dog on a regular basis – grandmothers, grandfathers, neighbours, aunties, uncles, brothers & sisters (children of the family) have all trained dogs on our courses.

As we have listed status with the Kennel Club we carry out Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards. Puppy Good Citizen is assessed within the basic class training, and separate training is held for the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. We also invite other trainers and behaviourists from around the country to run various courses and seminars which we host in locations throughout Nottingham. Check out the course details page for available course dates.

Need a bit of extra help?

In addition to class training we may be able to provide one-to-one/individual training and pre-ownership advice covering selection of your puppy, how to prepare for your puppy’s arrival and initial socialisation/training advice. The time we have available for these sessions is very limited, if you are interested please enquire via the contact page.


Marie Louise Holt RVN Ncert (AnBeh) KCAI (CD)

Bev Smith RGN KCAI (CD)